Braintree, MA Shredding Services

Braintree, MA Shredding Services

Prevent Identity Theft with Secure Document Shredding

Identity theft is rampant, and experts agree that one of the best ways to prevent it is to shred any document that contains personally identifiable information. If your business retains customer information, like social security numbers, dates of birth, medical information, or credit card numbers, you need to be sure that you protect your customers by securely shredding any information that’s no longer needed.

Braintree, MA Paper Shredding & Document Destruction

For reliable, secure shredding services in Braintree, MA and the surrounding area, call Shred King. Shred King is a local, Massachusetts-based company servicing Braintree, MA and nearby towns. Shred King is AAA certified – the highest possible rating – by the National Association for Information Destruction for both on-site and off-site shredding. You can be confident in using Shred King for all your shredding needs, whether you need service every week, or you just need to occasionally purge documents from your files. 

Regulations around retention of customer information are becoming more and more onerous, and consumers are becoming smarter about which companies they will allow to handle their sensitive information. Having a secure way to destroy unneeded customer information will save your company money, and reduce the chances that your customer’s information could be compromised.

Here are four important reasons to shred documents you no longer need.

  1. Compliance. Many industries require that sensitive information be destroyed within certain time limits, and impose steep fines for failure to do so. These regulations will become more strict and will apply to more industries as identity theft becomes more common.
  2. Security. If your customers’ or employees’ information is breached, you may be liable for notifying affected parties of a breach and providing credit monitoring, as well as any losses that occur. Security breaches cost companies in the United States billions of dollars every year, and no company is immune.
  3. Efficiency. Storing paper files that have been scanned and are being stored electronically is inefficient, risky and costly. Shred King will get rid of all that redundant paper.
  4. Convenience. Shred King will come to your location in Braintree or the surrounding area and shred your documents there. Or, we can pick them up and bring them back to our facility for shredding. Either way, you get a secure storage container to keep them in until we arrive. You can schedule regular shredding service, or call us when it’s time to purge.

Whether you need monthly, ongoing shredding services or occasional shredding when you’re cleaning out or relocating, on-site or off, you can trust locally owned and operated Shred King to safely destroy sensitive information.


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