Brockton, MA Document Shredding Services

Brockton, MA Document Shredding Services

As much as we say that our society is moving towards being completely paperless, we have not. With the advent of the first computers, experts predicted a move to paperless. It hasn't happened. There is a myriad of reasons why we haven't with the two most important reasons being that computers are not failproof and many people still feel more comfortable with paper. With both digital and paper business management there are security risks. Shred King operates to minimize those risks by utilizing the latest technologies to manage IT and document storage, shredding and overall record management. 

Holding on to confidential information longer than mandated puts your company in a vulnerable position wherein you may incur fines and put your company and your clientele at risk for identity theft or other fradulent activity. 

Let's suffice it to say - paper isn't going anywhere,  

It is better to manage it correctly, in a form and fashion that will benefit, your business your clientele and your bottom line.

Paper Shredding Services For Brockton, MA Businesses

At Shred King we are in business to assist you with your business. We offer comprehensive services and strive to serve the town of Brockton, MA as well as several surrounding areas with competance and efficiency.  We not only shred documents on your premises or ours which protects your company against identity theft and ensures you are compliant with the laws regarding how long you are able to retain information, we do so much more. 

In addition to Brockton, MA document shredding Shred King handles :

  • Hard Drive Destruction - this is an added layer of security to ensure you do not leave your company or clientele vulnerable. You and your IT team will determine what circumstances dictate that you have a computer's hard drive destroyed and we will follow through.
  • Record Storage - Like we said, paper isn't going anywhere. Your company may opt to keep paper files or documents and do not want them kept on-site at your location. Shred King will store your records for you providing safety, security and easy quick access to you and those you authorize.
  • Knowledge Base - If your company is looking to add a Knowledge Base system we can assist you with the implementation and storage protocols of same. We are working to make your business run more efficiently by taking the burden of document and IT storage off of your hands.  
  • Digital Imaging - Whether you have opted to go paperless completely, are in transition to paperless operations or utilize both paper and digital management, we can assist the management of digital imaging for your business.  

If it's piling up, it's time to call us. 


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