Brookline, MA Document Shredding Services

Brookline, MA Document Shredding Services

Loose lips sink partnerships. One loose document can damage a business' reputation. It can give competitors critical insight into your operations. It can even expose your clients and patients to unwanted intrusions into their privacy. Ensuring data security in the digital age means that you can't throw out an old hard drive or delete a document once printed; these items must be permanently destroyed. At Shred King, our NAID certified shredding team uses proven methods of destruction that provides digital and document security you can depend on.


We offer two reliable methods of document security to our clients. The first method involves storing your sensitive documents within our Massachusetts documents storage facility. Documents stored in our warehouse are carefully cataloged and sealed so that no one can access them. Storing documents within our secure storage facility locks the information down. This removes the need for extra storage space or security on your end.  

Our permanent method of document security is of course destruction. We destroy your documents using high-grade shredding equipment once they reach the end of their operational usefulness and any regulatory period for document storage has elapsed.  We leave no page untouched, and no line uncut. We can provide our shredding services within our facility, or via a mobile platform that we can set-up within your office. Once the documents are shredded, the waste paper is deposited in storage bins and prepared for delivery to a recycling station. This environmentally friendly method of disposal eliminates any possibility the documents could be reassembled.

Digital Destruction

Dusty old hard drives, zip disks, CD's/DVD's, and magnetic tapes can contain everything from employee timesheets and invoices to old partnership agreements and patient records. At one time useful, this information no longer has any bearing on your business. However, it can provide insight into your operations that identity thieves and competitors can use to their advantage.  Physical destruction of old hard drives is the only way to ensure that this information won't leak. At Shred King, we shred your hard drives into fine particles that are recycled at the end of the process. This removes any possibility that sensitive digital information can ever be accessed or retrieved. Moreover, recycling this digital debris keeps toxic metals, plastic, and other materials out of Boston's landfills. 

SHRED KING is Brookline's secure paper shredding solution. We invite you to contact us at 617-221-1600 to learn more about our services. We will be happy to tell you how our NAID certified business protects your business from prying eyes eager to get a peek at your data.  



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