Dedham, MA Document Shredding Services

Dedham, MA Document Shredding Services

Today’s business environment requires safe, secure document disposal in order to protect the sensitive information about companies and individuals. We are seeing far too many headlines about devastating information breaches and that’s why it’s important to work with an experienced Dedham, MA document shredding company.

The trained professionals at Shred King provide expedient and secure services such as paper shredding in Dedham, as well as other key information storage systems such as floppy discs, video tapes among others. If your outfit has seen a buildup of records that need immediate or annual purging, consider these reasons for safely outsources this task.  

Protect Against Identity Theft

According to data released by Javelin Strategy & Research, approximately $16 billion was stolen from upwards of 15.4 million Americans during 2016. That number had increased by more than 2 million victims from 2015. During the last 6 years, more than $107 billion was stolen as a result of identity theft. About 34 percent of all breaches involve employment or tax-related fraud and 32. 7 are related to credit cards. With intrusions into personal and corporate information on the rise, it is imperative documents be dealt with by professionals.

Comply With Document Shredding Laws

The growing threat of information theft has prompted a wave of legislation requiring the lawful and regular disposal of information. Many businesses are hard pressed to keep up with changes and comply. Those that fall behind can suffer stringent government penalties and hefty fines. Building an ongoing work relationship with an experienced Dedham document shredding company can help keep you in compliance while protecting your organization, employees and customers.

Documents That Should Be Shredded In A Timely Fashion

While government mandates call for companies to properly dispose of key information sources, there are also documents that just make sense to have destroyed. Consider the importance of having documents such as these shredded so that prying eyes cannot get hold of them.

  • Corporate and Personal Tax Returns
  • Medical Records
  • Company IDs
  • Business Checking and Savings Account Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Voided Checks
  • Outdated Payroll Statements and Employee Stubs
  • Copies of Invoices
  • Documents that Detail Personal Identification
  • Employee Reports and Reviews

Shredding such information means permanent protection.

Work With A Dedham MA Document and Paper Shredding Company

At Shred King in Dedham, MA, our team of technicians are able to come to your office, commercial space or storage facility and securely shred necessary documents on site. Our professionals can also remove any and all materials and lawfully destroy these sensitive materials at our facility in a manner that meets government regulations.

If you have documents that require immediate attention or are interested in setting up an ongoing document shredding plan, contact Shred King today for an estimate.


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