Framingham, MA Document Shredding Services

Framingham, MA Document Shredding Services

Your Framingham, MA business depends on the security of its documents and we all know the damage that customer or corporate data breaches can cause. Why put your Massachusetts business at risk with insecure disposal of private client records, confidential business information and financial secrets? While your simple office paper shredder may destroy a few dozen sensitive pages without any problem, most businesses today produce far more than would be cost efficient to shred in-house. That is why companies turn to Shred King, the document shredding company serving Framingham, MA that keeps your documents private while keeping your costs down. Stay within a budget while prioritizing the value of your confidential documents when you contract with Shred King, Massachusetts premier paper shredding solution. 

Security Protocols You Can Trust

Secure disposal companies are built on trust and at our Shredding Company we have built this trust through solid relationships with Framingham businesses both large and small. Whether it is valuable intellectual property or confidential client information, our internal security protocols ensure a constant chain-of-custody with vetted employees. We also comply with local regulations for document security for an extra level of assurance. Your confidentiality is our top priority and we ensure that not only are your documents securely destroyed, but the identities of both your business and your key employees are also protected. With our security protocols at Shred King, there is no risk of your information falling into the wrong hands. 

Onsite and Offsite Shredding Services

At Shred King we understand that every Framingham business is different. Some businesses prefer to see their documents securely shredded as they watch, and we are happy to accommodate them, while others just ask that we take boxes of previous data off their hands safely and securely. Whether your company needs dictate onsite or offsite destruction, we have the paper shredding solution for you. Watch and verify or just let us take out the trash while you get down to business, the choice is yours.

We Work on Your Schedule

We offer numerous scheduling and secure storage options to fit your needs. Mark your calendars for monthly, weekly or even daily shredding visits and we will be there. We offer locked storage containers and can accommodate any size of documents, but don't worry about a one size fits all mindset, because with Shred King you pay for only the shredding you need. At Shred King, we adjust to your timeline and we're ready to respond to the needs of your business, routine or irregular, with shredding services you can count on.

Unlimited Shredding Capacity

From the smallest business to large firms that handle incredible seasonal surges of documents, rest assured that we can shred it all. At Shred King, we pride ourselves on the fact that there is no practical limit to how much paper we can receive at one time! So no matter how gargantuan or how personal your shredding needs, we have you covered.

So why put your documents at risk for a second longer? Call us today and put us to work for your document security!


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