Lowell, MA Shredding Services

Lowell, MA Shredding Services

Whether you are looking to protect the intellectual property of your business or save space through organized records, paper shredding is the way to go. The technology has been one of the main forms of protection used by Congress, the medical industry and the financial industry. Paper shredding may have been a niche service in the past, but the proliferation of information in the current business landscape virtually requires every business to engage its protection. Can you really afford for your sensitive records to fall into the wrong hands?

The Lowell Shredding Company You Can Trust

All companies, small businesses especially, must outsource properly in order to operate on a budget. This means prioritizing the services that are most important. Security is always the most important aspect of your business. Without a safe business, no other aspect of your company matters much!

In and around Lowell, Shred King is the paper shredding company that companies of all sizes trust with their intellectual property and sensitive documents. Our reputation is built on the long term relationships that we build with our clients, and that makes our primary concern the safety of your information. All of our processes are internally verified, keeping not only your information safe, but also the identity of your business and your key employees. We also make sure to stay in compliance with local laws, so you have a two-tiered protection system when it comes to your documents.

Shredding Anywhere You Want

If you want service on site, Shred King can accommodate you. If you would rather move your documents to be trashed off site, we have private facilities that give you this option as well. We are happy to come and pick up your documents so that you do can focus on your business rather than on taking out the garbage.

Keeping Up With Your Shredding

We also have scheduling options for you if you need our services on a routine basis. Your business can take advantage of our locked storage containers. We can accommodate different sizes of documents, and we will never try to make you pay for more space than you actually need. You can have your documents shredded on any timeline that you want: monthly, weekly or even daily service.

The Size of Your Order Does Not Matter!

We conduct purges of your documents on command. There is no limit to the amount of paper that we can take off of your hands at one time! We have plenty of experience with large companies that have large influxes of documents that need immediate attention.

We have served Lowell for ten years saving money and protecting businesses. Give us a call!


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