Norwood, MA Document Shredding Services

Norwood, MA Document Shredding Services

Today’s business world is in such a way that corporations and organizations, irrespective of the type and size, face the risk of the confidential information breach. Sensitive information collected and stored is likely to get compromised and land in the wrong hands. The last thing you’d want is to become a victim of crime due to improperly disposed of documents.

Without a doubt, there many shredding companies in MA but none compares to Shred King. Shred King is a highly-reputed Massachusetts company offering unmatched secure paper shredding in Norwood.

Document Shredding Near Norwood, MA

Proudly “AAA Certified”

We take the security of your documents as our top priority. Shred King is the only locally-owned shredding company that has been awarded the “AAA certification” by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

Offsite & Onsite Shredding Services

Due to the information sensitivity, we offer our clients two convenient options to choose from. That’s why most of the Norwood residents trust Shred King with all their shredding needs.

Onsite shredding is the securest way of destroying your documents. Our certified and technicians come to your facility and destroy the documents entirely within minutes before leaving with them for secure and safe recycling.

Alternatively, you can choose offsite shredding. Our drivers arrive at your location, load the documents in tamper-proof containers and transport them. We use satellite GPS to track the documents in transit to ensure they arrive at our location safely. After that, they get destroyed entirely within 24 hours of collection and then transported to the mill for safe and secure recycling.

Certification of Documents Destruction

As a member of NAID, we strive to keep up with the regulations regarding document destruction for security and confidential purposes. Upon Shredding your documents, onsite or offsite, we hand you a certificate approved by NAID as proof of secure document destruction and disposal.

Cut Costs and Reduce Risks

Outsourcing your paper shredding is cost-effective compared to maintaining shredding machines at each desk that cost hundreds of dollars apiece. Not mention that the machines will end up laying idle as you’ll not be shredding all the time. Don’t forget the cost of maintenance, repair or even replacement when they break down.

With a company taking care of your shredding needs, you’ll not only lower the costs significantly but also ensure proper and secure disposal per the ever-changing federal and state information destruction laws.

Why Choose Shred King For Your Norwood Shredding Needs?

  • Highly-trained and certified technicians
  • We’re licensed, insured, and bonded
  • AAA Certified
  • Guaranteed information security guarantee
  • We either arrive on time or shred for free
  • Competitive and up-front pricing
  • Locally owned and operated

Secure, safe & Competitively-Priced Paper Shredding Service in Norwood

Looking for reliable and reasonably-priced paper shredding in Norwood, MA? Shred King is a Massachusetts company serving Norwood and the nearby areas. We're proud holders of the NAID’s AAA Certification thanks to our secure information destruction. Our offsite and mobile shredding services are curated to the needs of every institution or business. Request a quote or contact us at 617-221-1600 for more information.


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