Quincy, MA Document Shredding Services

Quincy, MA Document Shredding Services

Since 1996, mandated privacy protection acts (i.e. HIPPAGramm-Leach-Bliley Act, 201, CMR17) have required companies that offer financial services and products to explain their information-sharing practices to customers and to safeguard sensitive data. Your company’s paper shredding, document shredding, and document destruction activities must be secure and on schedule or consequences stemming from data breaches, misuse, and non-compliance are inevitable.

Quincy, Massachusetts Document Shredding

Training and equipping personnel to oversee document destruction is one way to avoid these consequences. But what happens when your expensive shredder breaks or jams? Your business may incur maintenance costs, compliance costs, and, far more importantly, delays of the process that ensures consumers’ information is disposed of securely and on time.

There is a safe solution: Hiring Shred King (SK Record Storage) to handle your Quincy paper shredding and document shredding services in a prompt, dependable, and professional manner.

Local, Quincy Document Shredding

A local Holbrook, Massachusetts company, we serve Boston and the surrounding areas (see list below). Shred King is the ONLY locally owned and operated Document Shredding Company with AAA Certification -- the highest possible security certification awarded by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).


Rest assured with Shred King because:

  • All sensitive material is destroyed without ever leaving our premises if you choose our on-site service, or your premises if you choose mobile services.

  • Our advanced, ultra-modern shredders render your paper documents into unrecognizable, recyclable material.

  • Our specialized machinery turns your hard drives into small piles of unreadable, recyclable particles.

On-Site and Mobile Shredding near Quincy, MA

We offer you the flexibility of on-site (at our location) and mobile shredding services. “Mobile” means we come to you on your schedule to professionally destroy your documents; when they have been rendered to unrecognizable material, we will hand you an official Certificate of Destruction, recognized by the NAID.


We prefer to let previous clients speak to our trustworthiness.

Mike Morrissey, Partner at Kessney and Morrissey LLP: “Because we deal with highly sensitive information on a daily basis, we rely on Shred King Corporation to ensure our documents are shredded and destroyed in a way that meets all state and federal requirements.”

Paul Connelly of the Bank of Canton: “We have been using Shred King for our document destruction for three years and couldn’t be happier.”

Al Haynes, Recycling Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts: "Shred King Corporation has been in charge of the entire Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts document destruction and recycling program for the past three years and we could not be happier with their service... they make sure we comply with all federal and state laws."


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