Randolph, MA Paper Shredding Services

Randolph, MA Paper Shredding Services

Does your organization handle sensitive personal and business information? At Shred King, we swear to protect what matters most to you. Shred King is a local company offering highest quality services to the residents of Randolph, MA, and its environs. We understand that in the wrong hands, information can put your customers and employees at risk. Over the years we have built a reputation of secure document and data destruction that our long list of clients can attest to. Over the years, we have offered on-site and mobile document shredding services to our clients.
We offer a variety of services including;

Document shredding
It does not matter what business you are in. At Shred King, we offer custom document shredding solutions that are not only convenient but also dependable. If you are looking for an on-site service, we are happy to schedule regular document shredding for your organization. Regularly scheduled shredding is popular for organizations that require the destruction of sensitive data regularly for them to remain compliant with laws and regulation. If you are looking for one-time shredding of a large volume of documents, we have the right solution for your needs. Over the years we have been the trusted choice for any document destruction in Randolph, MA. We are certified and you can trust us with the security of your documents.

Document storage
With the rent for office space always increasing, it would not wise to budget for document storage. At Shred King we offer our clients storage facilities to free up your office space as well as time. We pick up the documents to be stored, organize them then label them before securely storing them in our facility. The facility is well organized and cataloged. You can rest assured that your company’s documents are handled with the highest level of care and stored in a secure facility.

Hard drive destruction
Your computers’ hard drive contains sensitive information concerning both your clients as well as the organization. Erasing the information from the hard drive is not enough to ensure the information never gets into the wrong hands. Shredding King has the certification to handle hard drive destruction services to help you protect sensitive information. We will destroy the hard drive then recycle them or give them back depending on the client’s preference.

Serving the residents of Randolph, MA is or principal focus. If you are looking for shredding services from a company with the highest level of certifications then, Shredding King is the company for you. Give us a call today and get a customized document management solution that not only meets your goals but also your budget.


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