Waltham, MA Document Shredding

Waltham, MA Document Shredding

Shred King is a shredding company located in Massachusetts that proudly serves Waltham, MA and the surrounding areas. These days with the threat of various issues including identity theft, electronic hacks, fraud, rivals and even ransomware attacks, should put every business large or small on alert. It is crucial to keep your information out of the wrong hands with a trusted shredding company.

Waltham, MA Document Shredding Benefits

Every type of organization can benefit from having the locally owned and operated Shred King to handle their important documents and other sensitive materials. We are AAA certified, which is the highest rating you can receive from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). This endorsement indicates we are transparent and continue to fulfill the rigorous policies to maintain the integrity of data destruction.   

As well as trusted by our customers (check out their testimonies on our site), we want to mention we can work around your company’s schedule and for the sake of convenience - offer on-site as well as mobile shredding. 

Some of the services we provide in Waltham and nearby areas include:

Document Shredding - As we stated previously, having your documents destroyed is essential for keeping your business dealings safe. You might wonder why you cannot just recycle your papers. When you choose to recycle, you are leaving your business open to all types of hazards. If your competition gets their hands on your material, you would regret it. Another case scenario is if identity thieves find and use your information, they could wreak havoc on your enterprise as well as your employees. Lawsuit could follow, so it is better to be safe than sorry.    

Document Storage - Some documents you should not destroy, but you need to keep them away from prying eyes. This is where we come in to help you with our document storage system. We can help keep your records safe and your office uncluttered with extra papers.  

Hard Drive Destruction - Believe it or not, we can literally shred your hard drive and media material. Some people do not realize even after you erased all the information from your hard drive with data-removal software, information can still be captured from your drive.

There are people who are paid to retrieve remaining pieces of data from old media material. This has resulted in people using individual’s credit card numbers, social security numbers and more. Scam artist and hackers are always looking for a way to make a quick buck. Do not let them make from neglecting to take proper measures in protecting your business and employees.         

Here at Shred King, we are capable of handling all your shredding requirements in Waltham, MA and nearby areas. For a quote or free information kit to learn more about the services we provide, please contact us online at Shred-King.com/contact-us or give us a call at 1-877-50-SHRED. Our professional and friendly representatives will be able to answer any questions you might have.


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