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Are your file cabinets over flowing and your document storage room filled to capacity? Our Record Management Company can help you reclaim your office. By using SK Record Storage, you can reduce your document storage costs and provide superior protection from fire, theft, or misplacement.

SK Record Storage is Boston's Record Storage expert in securely storing sensitive and confidential documents. Our record storage company understands the importance of properly indexing, securely storing and retrieving your information.

Our records storage solutions help you stay organized, secure your most valuable records and save valuable office space. And we do it at a reasonable price.

Document and Records Management to help you succeed

We understand that records management may not be the first thing that you think about everyday, but it is always the first thing that we think about, which is why our records management company has been trusted by hundreds of organizations to address their document management needs.

We offer document scanning services, off-site document storage, and document management software. It's our goal to help organizations reduce costs, improve efficiency, and start to deliver on the promise of the paperless office. Our services address all of your records management needs, so that you can focus on creating value for your business.

Massachusetts Record Storage & Management

Boston businesses know that space is a precious commodity that carries high premiums. Unfortunately for many types of businesses records are a necessity of the trade. Storing these records requires the use of important, and expensive real estate. Disposing of old and outdated records in order to make way for new records, though, can be a logistical challenge fraught with privacy laws and the potential for fines and penalties.

We can help with that!

At SHRED KING we specialize in offering Boston record storage, management, and shredding services that comply with state and federal document handling, storage, and destruction requirements. We can help your medical practice, law firm, financial institution, or retail store with a wide range of document management needs.

Why is Document Management so Critical?

Businesses that handle personal information about clients, whether it is financial documentation, financial records, or simply privileged or confidential information are responsible to maintain the privacy of that information and may be held legally responsible, with hefty punitive damages for failing to do so.

This is especially important in the aftermath of several state and federal bodies passing laws about the safe storage and disposal of said records. With so much riding on the proper disposal it’s important to go with a name you can trust, like SHRED KING.

Some businesses are required to keep records for a specific number of years after the event. Keeping them onsite can be expensive. In some cases, it may even require several full-time staff members to manage the records – not to mention the cost of actual Boston real estate to store to them.

Working with a professional document management team will help you stay on top of how long records need to be kept in order to comply with state and federal laws, as well as when it’s allowable to destroy documents so that you no longer need to take responsibility for these old documents.

Proper Destruction of Old Records

There is only acceptable way to get rid of old documents. It is to ensure that all personal information on the records is completely obliterated. For businesses that focus on other things, this might present a challenge. For experts in the industry of Boston document storage and shredding, it is a simple matter to ensure that your records are properly stored. Then, when the appropriate time comes, properly destroyed.

It is more important today than ever before for businesses to take their document storage needs seriously. Whether your interests lie in safeguarding financial, health, or other information about your customers and clients, a good document management service in order.

Let us help you with all your document management needs. From scanning data and records to disc, to storing the actual files, and even destroying them, SHRED KING offers full service document management your business can rely on. 


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