Data & Hard Drive Destruction Services

The Hard Drive Destruction Process

Serial Number log: Auditing

Shred King is a NAID Certified Company for hard drive destruction. Unlike other Hard Drive Destruction Companies, we don't just provide you with a "Certificate of Destruction" which states "Media was Destroyed", we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction along with a Serial Number log for all hard drives that we shred and destroy per NAID Guidelines. This hard drive destruction certificate provides you with extra security which you need when it comes to the privacy laws.

Types of Media & HARD DRIVES Destroyed:

  • Hard Drive (any kind laptop, desktop, PATA, SATA and many more)
  • Backup Magnetic Tapes (any kind DLT, mini cartridges and many more)
  • Floppy Disk (3.5 inch disk, 5.25 inch disks, and many more)
  • Zip Disk (100 MB, 250 MB, and other large disks)
  • Optical Media (CD's DVD's, Blue Ray, and HD DVD)
  • Weekly Onsite / Offsite Hard Drive Destruction/Shredding Services
  • Monthly Onsite / Offsite Hard Drive Destruction /Shredding Services

Our Hard Drive Shredding Process:

  • The hard drives are physically shredded and as a result minute partials remain of hard drives.
  • All materials are recycled upon completion of hard drive destruction.

Massachusetts Hard Drive Destruction Services

Importance of Data Destruction Services

Electronic fraud and identity theft are both common issues that all organizations are expected to face head-on. When an organization holds onto sensitive information for an extended yet unnecessary period of time, this leaves the information vulnerable to disclosure, theft, misuse, and even legal discovery. This also leaves your company vulnerable to non-compliance fines, as sensitive information is often supposed to be disposed of after a certain period of time.

Another reason why data destruction services are important is because holding information, especially sensitive information, often incurs storage and protection costs. Therefore, you want to have data destroyed as soon as it is no longer necessary so that you can keep storage and protection costs low.

Serial Number Log: Auditing

Shred King is a company that is certified by the NAID for hard drive destruction. Upon destruction of hard drives, you will receive a "Certificate of Destruction" from Shred King. On this certificate reads the phrase "Media was Destroyed." The vast majority of hard drive destruction companies provide their customers with this certificate. What distinguishes Shred King from other hard drive destruction companies is that Shred King also provides a serial number log for each and every hard drive disposed of by the Shred King. When it comes to your company being in accordance of privacy laws, this certificate and serial number log will certainly come in handy.

What Types Of Hard Drives and Media do we Destroy?

If data destruction is essential to your company, we also offer plans for customers who require our data destruction services on a regular basis. We provide weekly and monthly hard drive destruction and shredding services. These services can be performed onsite or offsite, depending on your needs. Chances are you will need these services on a regular basis if your company is in the political, financial, and medical industries.

How Our Hard Drive Destruction Services Work

Since you're clearly invested in the importance of data destruction services, you likely want to know the details of our hard driving shedding process to ensure they're up-to-par with your expectations. Here at Shred King, we use machinery to physically shred hard drives so that small particles are all that is left of the hard drives. We then recycle these materials once the hard drive destruction process is complete.

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