Electronic Destruction of Data: Why It’s Important

Electronic Destruction of Data: Why It’s Important

Many people think that once you delete a file off your computer that it is gone for good.  It’s not.  In fact, the data stays on your computer and is easier to recover than you would think.  Credit card numbers, medical records, emails, and social security numbers have been recovered from hard drives that had already been deleted or erased.  You cannot simply format your hard drive to wipe it clean.  Since most corporate computers contain sensitive data, finding a way to deal with the destruction of electronic data is vitally important.  Many businesses simply stock pile their old computers and hard drives.  This is hardly a secure solution.  The only solution to permanently destroy electronic data is to crush or shred the hard drives.  This is the only way to make that information 100% non-recoverable.

There are many benefits to using a hard drive destruction service.  First off, they are compliant with demanding standards.  Given the best way of destroying a hard drive is physically, a shredding service can do this for you, and provide a Certificate of Destruction guaranteeing their work.  Not having to store old, unused computers and hard drives clears up more floor space in storage areas.  No one will be able to copy, view or steal the hard drives or computers.  Another benefit of hard drive destruction and shredding is compliance with HIPAA, FACTA and Gramm-Leach Bliley.

Finding a hard drive shredding service or shredding company is easy with Shred Nations.  Shred Nations can help you find a qualified shredding company in your area to take care of your hard drive shredding needs.  Shredding services can be done on-site to address security concerns.  Another option is mobile shredding services, some which come with on board cameras that show the process in real time so you can verify the hard drive destruction yourself.  Most of the mobile shredding services come with a large capacity and can handle thousands of destroyed hard drives at once.  Regardless of whether you choose on-site or use a mobile shredding service, Shred Nations can help you in hiring a shredder or finding a qualified shredding company to fit your needs.


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