What Can Go Wrong? Why Destroy Hard Drives!

What Can Go Wrong? Why Destroy Hard Drives!When it comes to business success, customers and their data must be protected at all times as well as all other important business data. Unfortunately, when hard drives are not properly destroyed, this can lead to disastrous consequences. Just the same as paper documents need to be put through a shredder, hard drives must be 'shred' in the digital sense. Here at SHRED KING, we specialize in document shredding and destroying hard drives. Here's a closer look at why your hard drives should be destroyed and possible consequences if you don't have them digitally shred.

Stay in compliance with the law

Did you know that in some cases it's against the law not to protect your customer and business data? That's right. Instead of just discarding the data, you must destroy it using the appropriate method. When the data isn't properly destroyed, this makes it possible for the public to get their hands on the data, which can lead to identify theft.

Avoid paying penalties

If you were to fail to have your hard drives properly destroyed and a data breach was to occur, you might be responsible for paying a penalty ranging anywhere from $340,000 to $1,700,000. In order to prove that you are staying in compliance with the law, it's imperative to receive and keep a Certificate of Destruction each time sensitive data is properly destroyed.

It's a safe form of destruction

Sure, you can take a sledgehammer to your hard drives and do a pretty good job at destroying them, but in order for them to be completely destroyed; you need to let us perform the destruction methods for you. Best of all, we can perform the digital shredding of the hard drives onsite, meaning the hard drives don't have to travel to a destruction facility, which limits possible data theft.

It increases your professionalism

When your customers know that their data is being protected, they will feel must safer conducting business with you. If you fail to destroy their data in the right manner and a breach was to occur, this could lead to financial ruin to your company as well as a major loss in customers because they no longer trust your company. You should post signs throughout your store as well as put it in your policies that all hard drives are properly wiped clean and destroyed as needed.

The Takeaway

It's time to save time and money when destroying hard drives and it all starts with letting a professional company do it for you. From preventing identity theft to keeping your business secure, digitally shredding hard drives should be at the top of your business agenda.


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